Cleaning personnel

Order and cleanliness do not emerge through routine work but through employees who keep their eyes steadily open. As soon as routine slips in, the quality suffers automatically because employees who are versed in doing their job, tend to stray of with their thoughts and to overlook details.

That is the reason why we place particular importance on staff which is constantly thinking and which never loses sight of our high demands – no matter if they were booked by you for a single employment or for a longer-term time.

Your building and your rooms are not only your “figurehead”, they have a (material) value, too, that has to be upheld properly. The best way of doing so is an appropriate “care program”.

Our services:

  • Housekeeping: Rooms, Lobby etc.
  • Building cleaning: Offices and Administrative buildings
  • Final cleaning after events
  • Lavatory cleaning: Lavatory attendants
  • Hygienic material