Cleanliness is not the result of routine works, but of motivated employees who keep their eyes constantly open and who work independently. As soon as routine creeps in, the quality suffers automatically, because an employee works routinely, digresses and overlooks details.

When you employ external people, you reduce this risk. By commissioning external forces, work becomes service. The result is a consistently high quality, a better calculability and efficiency because you can flexibly call up the number of employees depending on your occupancy. So it is no wonder that many hotels outsource especially this sector.

Your hotel rooms are your „flagship”. You convince your guests with clean rooms and the attention to detail and so you leave a positive impression.

You can deploy our housekeeping staff in the following areas:

  • Cleaning and upkeeping of rooms
  • Cleaning of the lobby and other common rooms
  • Decoration of rooms
  • Ordering and controlling of all necessary need means, cleaning agents and guest items
  • Control reports